Ceramic floor-Select healthy home

Believe it or not, the carpet is a major factor in indoor air pollution.

One of the most common health problems in the house has allergies, and carpets are almost ideal conditions for dust mites, molds and fungi.

Not only that, but wall to wall carpets in modern homes% u2019s are man-made fibers, dyed and preserved with chemicals (fungicides, insecticides and repellents in March, anyone?) Is connected to the support, chemical adhesives. All of these materials, the release of hundreds of volatile organic compounds, such as age, and the process called degassing. Volatile organic compounds (Voss) may be mutagenic, irritant and carcinogenic. This is not ideal at home, at least.

Carpets to attract and keep you and your family all the way home from the country, dirt, dust, lead paint chips outside the home, products, insects, bacteria, lawn and garden chemicals and other hazardous wastes. Not to mention food crumbs hair and dead skin particles.

Get a wall to wall carpet 100% clean is almost impossible (never rented a steam clean the carpets and cleaned the same area again and again, every time, even if the dirt from the spell?) I'm trying to clean up because of his problems. Introduction raises dust and mold spores. Shampoo leaves a wet carpet to further support the growth of molds and even shampoos may be irritating or toxic chemicals added.

At the other extreme covering of ceramic tiles health. It is made from natural clay materials in a fiery furnace. Tile closed enamel lasts mold and bacteria, and is well tolerated by people sensitive to chemicals.

Ceramic is determined by low toxicity and the thin mortar can be filled in milk without additives. Two parts of clean, dry sand mixed with one part Portland cement can be produced from a paste and add water to a slow, moist cure.

While the ceramic tiles can be expensive at first, since the installation work, are very strong and durable, so well, and they can be relatively inexpensive in the long term.