Bathroom tiles - Splash and pizzazz

The bathroom was once called the wash closet. E "became a standard room at home late 19th century. They were built solely and antiseptic properties. Mainly because it is a sterile white space. In 1930, the Art Deco style introduced a new style of decoration. It was a well-known shapes, textures and colors. Ceramic and glass tiles started appearing in bathrooms, new construction. Glazes used at that time had a thinner consistency than the glazes today. This creates a flat surface, while the mosaic of modern bathrooms, with little relief.

So far, a way of life, the bathroom is a place for relaxation and enjoyment. We will spend time in this room that will satisfy us. Daily cleaning of our body, which helps to ignite the energy and illuminate our minds tomorrow.

The bathroom is your own personal sanctuary and should be treated in a special twist. With so many options, you can add elements of comfort, softness, shine and sophistication.

Owners, most of the broth are an interesting place to start your decorating project. The bathroom is often the smallest room and easier for beginners. Even if you do not have experience with this piece of tile can be done over the weekend. If you do not have a relationship with "do it yourself", many companies are waiting for the so-called.

Bathroom surfaces are available in different materials, sizes, shapes, colors, price ranges and styles. Some materials are available in ceramic, porcelain, marble, metal and limestone. Most of the ceramic material. E water resistant, easy to clean, durable and affordable. All coatings to protect walls and equipment.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorative tiles. Some general options to consider when designing a rope or bark. There are even hand-painted tiles, porcelain and glass tiles in various colors that are available. Marble is an excellent choice for borders. It is also a technique that has been developed in Europe. Digital images, you can repeat the disc.

Here are some drawings of fashion: traditional tiles stain colors and patterns, natural stone, marble accents and a harlequin pattern, which uses the shape of a diamond-shaped instead of square tiles.

It may be desirable to maintain the resale value of the wall tiles in a small confined space. Examples include the development of a small part of the front of the vanity, or just lay in the shower. Whatever you decide to try, so that the center of the room.

The last 10 years we have learned that a large plate of the body and less on the floor easier to maintain and help make the space seem bigger and clearer. There are so many options, full of beautiful possibilities. There are many details, such as shades of gloss, matte, rustic and country. All of this contributes to the creation, either relaxed and stylish.

Key to a successful search for a plan in advance on paper. Let your imagination run wild. Many companies offer bathroom design software. It gives you an idea of how the wall before you buys a ticket. If not, ask for samples at home. This will ensure that your furniture.

So, start planning the project and will soon have a room that speaks to you and your guests.