Benefits of the bathroom wall panels over the Blue Jays

Wet wall panels have a new cheaper way to decorate your bathroom. They have many advantages over the bathroom tiles, but more importantly, they are cheaper than the tiles have the same effect. They are made of high pressure in MDF, and can hit a wall decorated with a special adhesive. Can be used for bare walls, as long as the dry and in good condition. When the wall is damaged, or real, it may be necessary to install strips of 300 mm between the centers of horizontally or vertically and can be used in the mounting plate.

When the panels are glued to the wall with little maintenance other than cleaning and ensuring silicone seal remains intact. Coverage of high-pressure laminate is decorated with a variety of styles to suit any bathroom and is completely waterproof, so you can use it for a replacement card. bathroom walls can be used anywhere where tiles are about a shower, toilet and general applications of the Agreement.

Advantages of plaster in humid areas are as follows

* They are cheaper than the same kind of tiles

* Easy to install

* They are easy to clean, wipe with a cleaning agent

* Can be installed in existing or plasterboard panels and expensive disposal

* They are hygienic, no load, all the bacteria in the harbor and encourage mold

You can easily use the adhesive and installation instructions are followed, after which the successful

1. Showers shall be supplied directly by the panels, and silicone gel recommended settings as a whole shower panels.

2. Their holes in the wall panels in a bathroom make sure you seal the holes with silicon and let the 2 mm around the pipe.

3. Mostly it is recommended to extend the floor panels in a bathroom silicone seal can be formed between the front and the plate or the edge of the tub.