Beautiful ceramic tiles - the basics

Ceramic material is relatively rigid and brittle, so the bottom is the most critical part of the installation of such tiles. If you want to see broken tiles, loose tiles or loose grout, select the appropriate coating. Background, what the industry calls layer structure, which goes between the wood and tile background.

You have several ways to achieve a high spout need to install a ceramic tile.

Plywood, one layer of plywood is not rigid enough to stop floor deflection. Must be covered with an outer layer of plywood, with a total thickness of at least 1 / 8 inches. You () - cover only coated with cement tile supporters (see below) or (b) are the second timber of the current exterior plywood. According to one of them, tile adhesive is used to remove air bubbles. In addition, a bathroom, you must create a "shower" is a wooden floor. This is the end of the extension plate protective clothing, rubber and contraction due to humidity, temperature and humidity.

Concrete plates - These are prefabricated, lightweight concrete sheets used to cover the base wood. It has a dense core of concrete and fiberglass on both sides of Portland and is able to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture. Brands Defrock, UTILICRETE, wonder board and GLASCRETE. Combining the edges of the panels is staggered so that connections can not be directly wooden base.

Chambers of mortar bed of mud, or mortar beds, used by professional performers, usually platelets. They consist of a layer of thick felt, and the network, and then a layer of mortar. The reason is the most frequently used experts that you have a high level of skill and a way to ensure that the mortar to obtain a sufficiently flat surface. Another reason is that this is the best possible basis for the ceramic tile floor. Okay, but why? As the plaster added brace against deviations from the plan network. Translation fewer broken windows and loose mortar, and the life of the soil.


You can put ceramic tile directly to concrete slab, but all the holes have to be renewed before the installation of tiles, where they are directly related to the concrete. Some of the concrete slab was covered with a ratio of therapy to help put on a plate without cracks. This compound must be removed before the wrapped, so that long-term joint mortar, since the compound helps to keep moisture in concrete and in some cases, affects the adhesion. It is also important that the disc is as far as possible, especially large-sized tiles today. Cleaning the concrete completely debris and dust will also contribute to a high quality system. In summary, the surface is the key.

Another possibility is to install the tiles on the ground floor of old. There are several things to consider. Is the old floor of solid, liquid and well maintained? It is very tied to the foundation on which to build? Well. There is a linoleum or vinyl flooring? Not good. This is necessary to put the team in the background, or his. (And watch the old vinyl floor that may contain asbestos. Do not want to reveal these things themselves. Instead, the country is covered with plywood and / or the parties to resolve the country. If you do not know whether the field of asbestos, asbestos, calls the qualified inspector. ) If you have a ceramic tile floor, you can put the new tiles, as long as the surface is flat and not too soft. You may have to sand the surface so that their relationship is more likely.

In short, do not just wonder, and intends to do the project in addition to a long-term home, so little time before moving on to the two smoking guns ".