Bathroom tiles - Wall cover the best

Siding bathroom ceramic generally preferred. Tile and very high humidity in the room. In fact, all the bridges, which are completely waterproof, such as glass, metal, stone or tile, but some of these options are better than others. Steel walls can look good in a trendy nightclub, but it seems irrelevant to most families.

Facing a lot of work. You can blow some of the tiles on the wall and hope for the best. Ceramic tiles can not be that smooth surface that is ready to increase slightly from the original plaster walls, or which relates to the other. You can also cut some tiles selected for the design and spatial dimensions. In addition, you will need an injection. If you use unglazed ceramic, perhaps to fill the space a special seal, which is a lot of time on this project.

If you want to reduce costs may be added to the image neighborhood swimming pool and water games for the bedroom and bathroom. Then you can paint the other walls. But do not choose the emulsion paint and cracking very quickly. Always choose to cover more durable paint designed for bathrooms and kitchens, unable to cope with the humid conditions and frequent temperature changes. This may be a little "more expensive initially, but it will be cheaper at the end and lasts much longer. Colored ceramic bath must be carefully chosen, white tiles offer fresh and clean.