A large bathroom and the walls

One of the easiest ways to swim a rapid removal is to change the shell. There are several options, but we must remember that the bathroom wall should be able to cope better with the use of wallpaper in the rest of the house. Heat, moisture and frequent cleaning are challenges that must be met Dip coating on the wall. These are just some of the more commonly used.


When painting walls in the bathroom is an easy way to change the look of the room within an hour. Gloss and semi gloss paint better in one area, and repel water and are much easier to clean. Secondly, although the walls of the bathrooms are a little "bumpy paint failures are detected.


Although there are many beautiful types of wallpaper available these days, most of them are not suitable for use in the bathroom. Vinyl wallpaper is a much better solution. There are many design options, but these wall coverings are made to withstand moisture and can be used in the bath and stay in good shape for many years.

Wallpaper borders are a different matter. Many of them are resistant to water and a wallpaper border is used together with a beautiful bathroom accent furniture painting, which can easily add a couple of hours.


Pottery was in the bath at the time. Music is probably the perfect cover the walls in respect of sustainability and the bathrooms clean, but covers the entire state of wall tiles in the middle of a large bathroom can be very expensive. Emphasis on the use of ceramic bathroom walls is painted with low-cost alternative, which can still be very attractive.


Some people love the warm wood panels in the wall may participate in a bathroom. All wood bathroom - either permanently or veneer - it is coated with urethane or water-resistant to other prior to installation, or if it is destroyed by humidity, a few months.

Glass blocks

Block of glass is becoming increasingly popular for use in bathrooms and for good reason. Glass blocks are very stylish, modern look of glass, of course, is the ability to transmit light while maintaining privacy. Can be used on walls and windows as well, which makes it a universal bath option.

The only downside? The cost of glass block can be called low-cost interior bathroom walls, if you make the investment to spend "more than a good mason to install, since even an amateur can sneak in through the costly mistakes.