5 steps to comply with proper installation of ceramic tiles

If the status of ceramic tiles is totally new to you, "5 steps to comply with proper installation of ceramic are the basic guarantees of advice, but it is important to avoid costly mistakes in the next, or the location of the bathroom tiles.

The plan, in which platelet

"Look, if you want to save

"Prepare the surface for longer

"Use of platelet

"Final Touch


This step is often overlooked and sometimes even forgotten (can you believe it?). Design of ceramic tile installation to Z, is probably one of the most important steps to help with bathroom, soft back.

Some things to consider;

"Qualities tiles

"The model / color mosaic

"Plates Dimensions

"Full area coverage. (These are important data that are necessary to know how many bricks, mortar, etc., need to buy)

"Adhesive, mortar or grout needs

Not all ceramic tile installations are the same facilities in different blocks may require different mortar and stucco. Do not be afraid to ask the supplier for advice or assistance to calculate the quantities needed. They are happy because they can rely on the sale.

Check out the savings

It's not difficult, as a first step, but when the budget is tight it may be difficult to find the right parts for installation of ceramic tile you want. You have to make concessions rather than submitting to the beauty of some of the tiles. Prices can vary considerably, and thus do not end up in some rather expensive a few square meters.

Always shop around; I've never been so easy. It is located on computers and the internet. Telephone directory to find local suppliers in your area and visit them.

Before the final decision always check the chosen tile in different lights, because the results may be surprisingly different.

Prepare a plan of work for a long time before the ceramic tile

The coverage (floors, walls or other) is often done, can be understood as the work of filling, leveling, sanding, priming and sealing times.

Adequate preparation directly affects the lives of ceramic tile installation. If you do not want to increase rapidly since its beginning.

This is probably the most important part is to ensure the long-term mentoring. Do not rush.

Laying ceramic tiles safely

Tiling technique is not particularly difficult. You just need to "practice before one can manage. Cleaning tiled room first salon is safer and easier. Remember to wear goggles chipping tiles.

Ceramic tiles can be a bit confusing, if you want to dust around the house to propose the closure of the room you want to cover as much as possible. A large piece of plastic attached to the frame will do the job quite well.

Do not leave traces of glue on the skin and do not forget to read the manufacturer's instructions before you even open the window. If something lands on you, clean water as soon as possible. Although the tiles are not usually abrasive, if you leave a bit of time, may cause an allergic reaction.

Use a bubble level to help the depth and the level of the tables and spacers to maintain equal distance from each other.


When the adhesive or mortar has cured (dried), and the plates are the companies and may also initiate the final touch.

You must fill out tiles grout spacing, to be sure that the gaps that these problems are caused by moisture, such as a shower.

The technique is simple; use a flat rubber handle, mortar and cotton cloth excess mortar off the tile later.

There are many different mortars, you should choose the most appropriate depending on the surface and tiles to choose from.

Now you have the tiles according to simply take care of them, usually manufacturers provide information on care for the tiles, and only minimal effort. Most cleaners work, if some particular stain is permanent, there are many commercial stain removers, use the right product at the right pane.

It is now closer to discovering how satisfying can manage a brick factory in the following five steps for best results.