Bathroom Decor - Wall

Create a contemporary style bathroom and practices can often be difficult, especially when the wall of the vessel in question. Many families choose the disc, because little is known alternatives. The tiles are available in many different styles, but it requires some effort should be cleaned of mortar, and, ultimately, reduces the appearance of the mortar. But the signs are waterproof an increasingly popular option for bathroom tiles. In addition to being attractive and easy to maintain, but also many other advantages for installers and end-user.

Wall panels are manufactured in different shapes and sizes suitable for shower enclosures, steam room and a bathroom. Can often be a complete series, which includes all the necessary profiles, gaskets and fittings.

Wall panels are quicker and easier to install the carpet, which can be complicated. It may take several days of dry glue and plaster tiles, wall panels and the installation is much simpler and can be used as an inexperienced appropriate. In the panels to dry on the disaster to minimize the air injection means that after installation, the room can be used immediately, stops mold growth often occurs wall tiles and the bathroom is unpleasant and will quickly destroy the look of a bathroom. Woodworking tools can be used in a normal installation on the wall that no longer need to buy special tools to get a job. To ensure that the tiles are mounted directly on the level of the laser is usually not necessary, the wall panels of the standard level is adequate.

Wall panels are a combination of high quality laminated plywood surface to provide a 100 percent waterproof material that is built should be no problem to fix mirrors other accessories for bathroom tiles, and do not require a special drill and usually does not damage the tiles. Some groups also substrate laminated plywood WBP and balanced on the back to stop moisture from entering through the back of the card.

Since the size of the product areas of high walls to cover part of the time needed for the disc. One of the panels of 2400 mm x 900 mm, which is in the same area 216 (100 mm) plate.

Panels can be mounted on walls and bathroom, such as brick, concrete, plaster, and even more to exist you ceramic [ plate. pup? option = COM content & task = view & id = 20 & Itemed = 2] Regardless of the surface, it is important that the walls and still obtain the necessary screws, dowels and glue.

Internal and external profiles of the groups do not need to be closed. Some discs are "Click-an innovative welding two parts to ensure that the profile of the panels will be assembled.

The project covers the section of PVC behind the chrome and aluminum, color coordinated PVC or polished. Both sides, click on the two panels together to form a crimp seal. When the tongue and grooved edge integration reduces the need to join gangs, and show that the association can be completely hidden. The outer edge of a panel profile edge to create a clean finish and coordinated way. Traditional tile installations often lead to losses in the joint between the wall of a bath or shower and rest periods, the lower wall panels attached to the expansion and contraction of panels and make sure this does not happen.

The panels are easy to clean and should be cleaned with a damp cloth so it looks new. Unlike wallpaper or paint may peel or flake, and the cards, which can break and chip, the panels are durable and will not be damaged - even several years.

So, before rushing down to the local department store to consider a slab wall panels, and the child, low wear resistance and an attractive alternative.