Add an attractive look in your home with tile coating

The good thing is that the options floor of the longest and most durable of all types of soil is also one of the most elegant. Bathroom ceramic tile can create works of art in your room or entire house, using all the available models and colors.

The fact is, the tiling its popularity has forced the industry to develop all the means and methods that can benefit from their homes to clean and decorate the house. Today, if you are expecting a draft card at home or in the same room does not need to buy professional services. You can do the work for you.

Before leaving work, presents a number of pre-screened.

Make sure that the map of the area that is dry, clean and free from dust and dirt. You can start a process in which the middle orders to provide a point of reference. This item can be found by creating a chalk line at all angles. When you find a meeting place for all the lines designated as the "x", which is in the middle.

The next step is to measure the entire corner of the room and draw the outline of the spot. This allows you to set the first district in the middle. Mortar should be mixed only in small amounts can be used for short periods of time. Otherwise, it is possible to dry. Plaster is then placed on, the device is exposed.

We will continue to put on the floor, ceramic tiles, and tabs. To cut the edges of the grinder and wet saw. When the tiles are placed, which gives 24 hours to dry? Once they are convinced that they are fixed in place, you can start the injection.

The suspension is prepared for use. Using a palette of line-strength mortar mix, using spacers. Be careful to work only a small part of the putty before the material is completely healed. And when you're ready to grout, grout can be cleaned with a damp sponge to tighten further. And when the mortar dries, you can polish with a soft cloth. Vela sealer can be applied after 72 hours on the floor tiles.