Creative Options tiles

If you decide to use ceramic or glass walls of the bathroom renovation, you already know that it has made the right choice functions. Glass and ceramics are very hard materials, which makes them durable, waterproof and easily cleaned tile options. But something does not apply to accepted standards flat squares of color or monochrome plates.

Forms of platelet

Long, thin, rectangular slabs, called STIC is very hot in the world are currently remodeling. This relatively new tiles can be particularly effective in the lower bathroom, which is installed vertically and horizontally, the most popular, which of course is often to make eye upward, creating a feeling of height in the room.

Unique and eclectic can literally choose the keyboard shortcuts in one! No, it's not laborious tinkering on your part. Today, about a plate or pie, bubble penny tiles in two options and a ceramic with increasing frequency and can add quite impressive and comfortable bathrooms of any size and shape. This type of tile can be a gift of more complicated to install correctly, but a bit "like a good challenge, alongside experienced professionals.

Color Plates

Both ceramic and glass can be found in all shades and colors of the rainbow, and it can easily be decorated with almost any style and design. One way to add a picture and vivid colors to the bathroom is a selection of recycled glass tiles. Why is composed of several different elements, and glass are wonderful color change, which really pop.

Another potentially interesting idea is to choose a new picture of a ceramic timber. When installed on walls, bathroom, giving room to the spa a truly European design, the house is a luxurious and stylish, without worrying about the problem with the use of wood in the bathroom, because the real-wood panels, just do not perform well in wet and humid bathroom.

Sizes Tiles

If you have a small bathroom, choose the size of wall tiles, which promote open space, simply because it is less bleeding at the tables to create the illusion that peace is much larger than life. Or, for a very interesting look, use flat penny, 12-inch 24-inch subway tiles on the walls of a modern model of the old tiles and subway tiles underground for years.


There are so many interesting options for the new tiles in the room, which is easy to take and keep the installation yourself. Note that it is easier to do evil, if you have a vast experience in tiles is always better to get an assessment of at least three tiles of professional.