Ceramic tiles Drill: Drilling holes is a ceramic tile

Drilling ceramic tile is not as difficult as it looks

Are you afraid of drilling ceramic tile, if you break or scratch tile? I know that it was the first time I did. The idea to change the disc perfectly, because it destroyed the year was a bit "disappointing. But do not worry, it's not as difficult as it seems, and if you follow a few simple rules for drilling ceramic tiles business is good.

Use the right bit

Use a carbide ceramics. Most of the thread, you can use for drilling in metal are not suitable because it can break down the hard ceramic glaze on the plates. You may find that the hardware store "is particularly strong for drilling ceramic tiles.

Keep the little mistakes, or riding on the surface of ceramic

Take two pieces of duct tape and attach the tiles "X" so that the hole in the center of the cross. No longer be slipping a bit during the drilling target. Use speed and starts very slowly until the tooth surface was modified to handle a drill. I would like to practice very slowly on the road to be sure.

Changing a bit, when through the ceramic tile

When you hear a drill to get the disc back in order to stop drilling, so that a new beginning back of the plate. When you edit a bit all the way to the most appropriate drilling of ceramic material has been installed at a time. Probably a bit of wood and stone at the moment.

Drill a hole

Unless I'm drilling a large hole in ceramic tile pilot never drill a hole, but I know that some people recommend. I prefer to be very careful and start drilling very slowly, so that they are well targeted, and the tip is wrong. No need to buy two pieces of ceramic tile drilling in this way.

Selection of drilling

Drilling ceramic for the speed drill, which can be set to turn very slowly? Laptop batteries used in electric drills can be very good for this purpose.