Ceramic tiles complement to choose a new carpet?

Carpet is a key decorative and functional in any home. During the process of selecting carpet, you should take into account factors such as aesthetic and technical functions. Carpets are available in different textures, constructions, drawings and colors, opens the door to many opportunities for interior and exterior. The right mix of color and texture compliments the formal decor and relaxed environment, while ensuring the continuity of the overall design.

Areas of your home without a carpet, ceramic tile is very popular and replacement of the house as well as links to a new home. This is due to the fact that it is very versatile, able to install it at home, including showers, walls and sidewalks. Ceramic tiles have many advantages, which resembles a stone floor to preserve the most traditional and luxurious, but easy and much cheaper.

At the same time, wood floors and laminate ceramic imitation of nature, is actually an artificial stone, ceramics, created by baking clay and other materials at high temperatures. Wood laminate flooring, on the other hand usually particle board covered with plywood looks solid wood. Laminate flooring is a period of twenty years, and the tile can not continue indefinitely.

Ceramic tiles are available in three versions, that is, porcelain, tiles, and frosted. Floor tiles are generally resistant to moisture, dirt, bacteria, odor and cleaning products, even hard. This makes them ideal for use in lobbies, hallways and other busy. Properties and moisture-resistant bacteria definitely the right choice for bathroom and swimming pool.

Instead of tiles have a special coating on ceramic frame ceramic tiles? Connected by a glass of soil, withstand stains, scratches, heat and slip resistant. This feature makes it very easy to clean tiles. The coating may also be resistant to fading from sunlight, is an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Platelets, but not without the membrane surface of the glass. Its color is the same on the surface of the object, because it is behind the result of very durable tiles that do not have the effects of heavy traffic. They are also ideal for entrances and hallways.

As diverse as ceramics, has its shortcomings. They are very difficult to repair after injury or to disclose, because they are permanently fixed to the surface. Color plates are often discarded when chipped or scratched, which makes it very neat. Ceramic tiles look a little plastic "and remove the natural beauty of the area.

Depending on the style you are trying to accomplish with a bathroom and kitchen tile design, tile can be an excellent choice. It is not often considered higher education or higher-level plans, but it seems somehow with minimal inconvenience. So the price, ceramic floor tile is unbeatable.