Bathroom Ceramic Tile Designs

Plates are often used for furniture, fences, backsplashes, bathroom, shower and bath, counters and floors. The plates are key to the future, good decoration and are present in many textures, patterns, fabrics, colors and sizes. The following tips will help you select the tiles which are ideal for the concept of bathroom design.

Types of tiles

Before choosing tile, it is important to be aware of groups of parcels that are available. Ceramic tiles, the most popular, which is made from clay and baked enamel paint for non-porous. Mosaic tiles are made from clay and are resistant to water saturation of color across the board. Glass tiles are extremely durable and they are becoming increasingly popular. The plates are made of natural stone such as granite; slate and marble are durable and beautiful. It can be very expensive. All of these types of tiles suitable for bathroom fixtures. Natural stone tile is often left unglazed and Arena moisture. This type of plate is equally suitable for housing because it is not disputed waters.


When you choose a health projects in ceramics, it is important to keep the whole structure of the bathroom. A small bathroom can not act on a mosaic pattern and fat because they have the ability to use and can manage the visual space. Although it is a visually beautiful tiles in the bathroom, which are less suitable for cleaning. Always remember that the joints tiles, creating places where dust and dirt can be. Therefore, most of the mortars, the harder it is tile surface should be cleaned. That is why you should choose a model, one-color tiles, or small delicate large tiles on the floor a small bathroom.

In a large bathroom with a large surface area of the engine, the possibilities are endless. While black and neutral gray and almond are still the most popular for swimming, the colors are just the beginning of acceptance. Look at the colors in a bathroom in general, including paints and accessories. Then choose a color that complements and connects. For example, white bathroom may be implemented in full into the dark blue tile. You can also find a bathroom tiled floor green purple sage and brilliant colors. Large room, the model limits can be placed on the floor. However, it is often the visual chaos of all the accessories included in the bathroom.

Gives life to a classic design with only minor changes, place the pieces on the field at an angle instead of the standard diamond pattern on the game board. Use one color or to switch between the two neutral colors in a slightly different saturation, for example, almond or soft ivory. When you select the bathroom tiles, make sure that tile plot is not very clear.