8 Way to Have a More Luxurious Bathroom From Cushy Towels to Heated Tile Floors

The bathroom is a sanctuary. I do not want to feel disgust at the shower, he wants to wait for album, and your feet are clean and luxurious towels and soap. If any part is to keep a clean bathroom, it may be difficult for many are to buy another for myself. Learn to get a better idea of what is needed to make a bathroom comfortable and luxurious.

1. Ceramics: ceramic tile is a great way to increase wealth in the bathroom. Subway tiles look good, you can also select dishes to create high quality glass mosaic shower. There are many options when it comes to the floor and glass tile in the shower. It is good to be the colors of the room a cleaner look. White, cream, gray or blue color is good.

2. Linen: Please invest in nice towels. Thick, soft is better than too small. Do not throw away, put in the cabinet. It takes time.

3. Soaps and candles: quality of the soap makes the skin feel better when clean and prevent dehydration. It is the same shampoo and conditioner, health and beauty products. Aromatherapy is a good idea.

4. Chimney: If you really want a luxury bathroom that needs a home. Not just a romantic bath, but you can keep the room warmer in the colder months.

5. Heated floors and towel: If you have the luxury, you have to have a warm towel. Few things are better than a warm towel after a shower host cells and cold air from outside the bathroom. And if you're remodeling, heating swimming a pleasant experience.

6. Tina: You have a Jacuzzi that you can really unwind and relax aching muscles. At the foot baths are also popular.

7. Shower: Shower power can be a great addition to the routine in the morning. Clear shower doors shower is even higher. And if a complete makeover, dual-head on the ceiling makes you feel like you are swimming under the waterfall in the rainforest. Steam showers are also popular, and the banks to change your bathroom a traditional Turkish bath, which helps remove dirt and oil from pores. And a bit of pop music, lights and scented candles, spa feels.

8. Services: mini refrigerator are ideal for wine keep the right temperature immersed in a bathtub. Flat-screen TV you can watch TV or videos to the bathroom.