Alternatives 4 plus bathroom floor

What are the best options on the first floor bathroom floor? As you can see, once you start doing your own research, there are pros and cons of all.

Bathroom Ceramic floor tile is a staple in the kitchen and bathroom reforms dating of ancient empires, Egypt and China. Ceramic tiles are the main layer of clay that is exposed to high temperatures and affect the glossy, shiny luxury that many of them attracted. These tiles are the most durable flooring can be installed. They are available in different styles and colors, which do not have enough problems with other elements in the bathroom. The disadvantage is that it can be very cold in the winter can be very slippery when wet.

Wood is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods. What is aesthetics, the tree is compatible with almost any decor you might have. Whereas, ceramic bathroom is beautiful, but cold, wood gives a warm and cozy. The main disadvantage of a wooden floor is their sensitivity to moisture. More than any other country in the presence of water, tree shape and generally fading. To avoid damaging moisture, make sure the timber is hermetically sealed polyurethane or equivalent.

The rug is an unusual choice of flooring. But many people want to feel the soft carpet barefoot. Improvements in well plates, carpets, sound. "One of the most popular floors, however, that most people think of the bathroom carpet a nightmare. Improved machine carpet has an insatiable collector of virtual printing. Carpet stains and odors can be difficult to easily escape. If you choose to carpet the best experience, go for short hair and washable plastic.

In many homes, upscale tile, stone is very popular. Such as ceramics, this country has a long history of mankind. The stone is strong and lasts for almost any traffic you get. It may, however, susceptible to cracking. While many owners simply ignore them, not weaken it. Depending on the smoothness and porosity of the stone can be very fast to absorb the stain is one of the main complaints that owners have with him.