Ceramic tile shower - 3 Tips for the design of walls

Shower tiles without losing the film. Shower typically made of waterproof showers stones have been placed in the appropriate basis for the tiles. Here are three tips on the development of a shower, the best way.

Tip 1: Use dry.

You may be tempted to use pressure-treated wood around the base of a shower. Forget about pressure-treated wood is usually very wet. This means that, after drying, and to move is limited. This is a disaster if the card is not even close. Moving jet is almost certainly breaking the tiles. Using a very dry throughout the shower. You should not use pressure-treated wood in the wet.

Note 2: The basic building block.

The shower is a bit like a waterproof bathtub with shower. In order to support and strengthen the lining, the blocks were installed at the bottom of the vessel wall to wall. It's as simple as that cut wood to fit between wall studs each. You can use 2-inch lengths. Often the dimensions of 2 x 10 sheets are used. Blocks of the place, you have a solid wood box is suitable for film. Not anymore...

Tip No. 3: a sign wall studs.

Line road, floor and walls of a few centimeters. Here's a hint. Stud walls should be revised to state of the lining of the blade. Mark the wall studs 1 / 8 inch for each post. Row is added to the slot wall insulation can be reduced. In those tables wall is not removed from the bottom of the lining of the blade.

How to tile a shower painting is installed correctly half the battle. Processing methods for doing the right tile mortar then put the plate a lot aeasier.