Bathroom Tile Care

Chances are there are some bathroom tiles. If the shower floor, or on the bathroom tile is the same, you have to learn how to care for. Since the bathroom tiles are not only sensitive to soap in March, but crashes and unusual, it happens to be something extra up his sleeve to deal with the construction of planned and unplanned areas.

Keep a clean bathroom tiles

Your plate can be glass or paint. In most cases the two can be cleaned with hot water and a soft cloth or a mop every day. Mild detergent and water, a lot of trouble discs in no time. Remember to rinse the tile, such as detergents may leave residues. Unglazed tile is cleaned with a bit abrasive, but it can damage the tiles. Stains on the bathroom tiles can be removed by various methods:

* Still Soap - Mix one cup of water softeners, 2T rotten stone (found in hardware stores) and 1 cup water and 1-2 tablespoons presidium phosphate (found in a place that sells paint) and 1 liter of water. Use a sponge to clean and make sure that the rinse well.

* Comedowns - Use a liquid detergent directly to the stain and leave for several hours. Peeling, if not eliminated completely, and rinse thoroughly.

* Mold - Use a soft brush to apply a mixture of water and bleach.

* Jamming, i.e. Ink, etc. - of chlorine used for direct stain.

* Fat - 10% sodium carbonate (soda) and water mixture.

* Rust - Tiles only. 5% hydrochloric acid and water.

* Nail polish - Use toilet paper soaked in acetone in nail polish remover and allow to stand for several minutes. Then lose the enamel.

* Cigarette burns - can be removed by gently washing the steel wool.

When working with chemicals, wear rubber gloves and keep bathroom well ventilated.

Make sure the mortar

Clean brush can be difficult. If your bathroom or on the spot, it is best to clean the grout around the tile bathroom with a mild detergent and water. You can use a solution of water and a half, half of the hydrogen peroxide, white stucco against stains. Unfortunately, bleach (hydrogen peroxide is a bleach) and acids to spread mortar, so use this option carefully and seal the seams at the end. Color mortar can be cleaned with shaving cream, but you should test some of the pictures of his services to check the color of the bathroom before including shaving foam.

Take care of bathroom tiles on a regular basis; you should be able to avoid large-scale projects to clean the large amount of complex chemicals. Otherwise, you can use the above suggestions to get the disc in good condition.